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Pancakes with cider – a perfect combination!

In France it is tradition to enjoy a glass of cider with your crepes, a tradition that we think is pretty great as it involves two of our favourite...

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Stretching the Legs in Frankfurt

Group photo

The annual pilgrimage to the Apfelwein Weltweit Messe (Worldwide Apple wine Festival) in Frankfurt was dutifully attended last week-end. This is our 3rd return and as such we finally...

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Flipping French Pancakes

egg, ham and cheese crepe

I hear it’s icy cold with wintery showers at home. Here in Caen, it’s a little less cold but the stuff falling out of the sky reminds me a...

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Flit to France

Sampling wine in the catacombs

Sometimes one has to make exceptional sacrifices for one’s passion. A quick client meeting in Paris obliged me to make a visit to Ackerman. Ackerman, a French business established...

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Rearview & Beyond!

As the detox kicks into full swing after the gluttony of Christmas and suppliers commence their prospecting there is perhaps just enough time to dwell on the year past...

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Road Trip 2016 (Part Two)

Gianluca Telloli is a native of the Aosta valley in the western Italian Alps. An oenologist by profession he has developed a passion for cider and in particular the...

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Road Trip 2016 (Part One)

Cider pouring

Despite the ongoing apple pressing, I sallied forth in late September to mainland Europe to attend two cider festivals whose previous generous invitations I had been obliged to turn...

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Worldwide Apple Wine Fair

It’s wind down phase after an intense 48 hours at the Apfelwein Weltweit Messe, or Worldwide Apple Wine Fair, in Frankfurt. Perhaps little known but in this region of...

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Like Clockwork

Following hot on the tracks of the first pallet of Finnbarra/Stonewell to the country, I find myself in Zurich. A picturesque and intriguing city full of contrasting features. Household...

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Holland Calling

What a whirlwind. Yesterday started at 3.45 a.m. – off went the alarm clock to get me to Cork airport for the 6 a.m. flight to Amsterdam. Forty winks...

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